The Tiniest Of Tree Pests And How To End Them

Nobody likes a half-dead tree on their lawn. It is an eyesore, like the dog with mange and numerous bald spots. Speaking of mange and bald spots, a tree can have similar conditions and equally obnoxious pests. If you want a tree to survive, and you want to address whatever is eating at it, you first have to know and spot the problems. Large pests are easy to see, but what you need is the ability to spot smaller pests.

Tree Trimming Tips for DIY Beginners

Owning property means that at some point, you will either need to call a tree service for tree trimming needs or you will need to learn how to do it yourself. If you choose the DIY route, it takes time and an aesthetic eye to get it right. It also takes the right tools and a very careful approach. The following tips will be useful to you if you opt to go the route of DIY pruning and trimming.