Large Lot Full Of Foliage? Why You Should Have It Excavated

A large front or backyard that is full of trees and foliage can be quite picturesque to look at. It might feel like you're walking through a magical forest each time you pull up to your home and it's great to sit outside and enjoy a book under the shade of the trees when the weather permits. However, as enchanting as a lot of trees can be there are also a few downsides to the situation as well.

Mitigate Winter Damage With These Tree Care Tips

Winter weather can take a toll on the health of your trees, bushes, and shrubs. Frigid temperatures, along with fierce winter winds can break tender branches, while foraging animals can attack the trunk's protective bark covering. When winter temperatures fluctuate wildly, as they do in many areas of the country, the possibility of damage can become even greater. While homeowners cannot control the weather, they can take some protective actions that will help mitigate the level of damage their trees incur and help them to grow and thrive for years to come.

How To Determine If Your Tree Is Suffering From An Abiotic Issue

When it comes to issues that affect trees, they will have either a biotic cause or they will be completely abiotic. Biotic diseases are the result of fungal, bacterial, or viral pathogens. An abiotic disease is the result of something in the environment, such as drought stress or temperature exposure. Often, you can save a tree if the cause of its distress is abiotic, while many biotic diseases will lead to tree death because there is no treatment.

Love The Shade? How To Care For Your Trees This Summer

Now that summer is here, and the temperatures are unbearable, it's time to spend some time caring for your trees. If you're like most people, you concentrate all your efforts on your grass and small plants. After all, they're the ones that show the visible signs of heat-related trauma such as wilting, yellowing, etc. However, your trees need extra attention during the summer months, too. Unfortunately, they're not as quick to provide you with the visible warning signs.

Three Basic Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Know How To Do

If you're recently bought your first home, you're undoubtedly looking forward to many happy years of home ownership. However, like most new homeowners, you may not have much experience with performing basic home and yard maintenance chores. Although you'll likely use the services of plumbers, HVAC professionals, and landscapers, there are some basic things you should learn how to do for yourself. Following are three of them.  How to Change an HVAC Filter

3 Tips For Helping Your Aging Parents With Their Trees

As your parents get older, their health and mobility may decline, but not enough to require them to move in with you or into assisted living. In fact, they probably pride themselves on their independence and remaining in their own home. Unfortunately, with age, many household tasks become more difficult, including tree maintenance. If your parents have a lot of trees on their property and are no longer able to keep up with tree maintenance, here are a few ways you can help: