Tips For Your Winter Tree-Trimming Session

It's winter! It's the season of snow, ice, cold temperatures — and tree trimming. A lot of trees benefit from being trimmed in the winter when they are dormant because less sap loss occurs at this time. If you are about to tackle your winter tree-trimming session, here are some tips for better results.

1. Wait until any big ice storms have passed.

Don't trim in the middle of winter. Wait until the season is about to end and spring is just around the corner. This way, you will have more of a chance to remove any damaged and cracked branches caused by the winter storms. If you trim the tree earlier, another storm might roll through and cause more damage, so you would have to trim the tree again. Yes, there is always a chance of another surprise late-winter storm, but by waiting until late winter you are at least decreasing the likelihood of having to re-trim.

2. Remove the damaged branches first.

The general rule for tree trimming is never to remove more than 1/3 of a tree's branches at once. If you can remove fewer branches than this, that's even better. It is, therefore, a good idea to start by removing any damaged branches before you start removing ones that are just misplaced or growing in an odd direction.

3. Wait for a somewhat warmer day.

While you do want to prune while it is still winter outside, you don't want to prune on a bone-chilling day when it's 10 degrees out! Wait until there is a small break in the weather and it warms up a bit. You will be able to be more patient and spend more time trimming without having your hands freeze. This is also a bit better for the tree since its branches will be less brittle and will cut cleaner.

4. Sharpen your shears first.

It's always important to use sharp shears when trimming trees. However, this is even more important in winter when branches are a little brittle and prone to cracking if you have to apply too much pressure to the shears. Many hardware stores offer sharpening services for a small fee.

With the tips above, you should have better success with your annual winter tree trimming. If you need assistance trimming your trees, contact a tree trimming company near you. They can send out a professional to get your trees back in top shape.