3 Tips For Helping Your Aging Parents With Their Trees

As your parents get older, their health and mobility may decline, but not enough to require them to move in with you or into assisted living. In fact, they probably pride themselves on their independence and remaining in their own home. Unfortunately, with age, many household tasks become more difficult, including tree maintenance. If your parents have a lot of trees on their property and are no longer able to keep up with tree maintenance, here are a few ways you can help:

Hire a Tree Removal Service

An important but often overlooked aspect of tree ownership is having dead and dying trees professionally removed. Dead and disease-ridden trees can easily spread pests and sickness to the healthy trees, so removing them actually boosts the health of the remaining trees. In addition, dead trees and dead branches more easily break off and fall down during major storms, which can damage your parents' roof and even cause a fire hazard if there are power lines on the property. Once the dead trees are removed, your parents will have less to worry about.

Sign up for Tree Trimming

Regular trimming and pruning are essential to tree health, making it much easier for air and sunlight to circulate throughout the tree branches and reach the trunk. Tree trimming on your own can be dangerous, however, especially for elderly parents.

Having your parents' trees professionally trimmed also allows a professional to see the trees up close and personal a couple of times a year, meaning they will catch any pests or tree illnesses early enough for treatment. Signing up for a regularly scheduled service means your parents never have to think about this task, but it will get done like clockwork.

Install a Smart Sprinkler System

Another great way to help your parents is to have a smart sprinkler system installed and teach them how to use it. Their trees will get just the right amount of water to thrive while eliminating water waste and helping to lower their monthly water bills. If your parents love to garden, the smart sprinkler system can also be set up with a garden irrigation feature to reduce the amount of time they have to spend watering while encouraging their gardens to thrive.

By arranging for these tree-related tasks to be taken care of for your parents, you will allow them to continue enjoying the beautiful trees on their property without unneeded stress. To learn more, contact a company like Complete Tree Service LLC