Why You Should Reconsider DIY Tree Trimming

One of the essential elements of tree care is trimming. Trimming a tree comes with many benefits, including making the tree grow in a certain configuration of branches and limbs. It also improves the tree's weight distribution. Additionally, trimming enhances the appearance of the tree. Many homeowners make the mistake of DIY tree trimming instead of hiring a professional arborist. Here are the reasons you need to avoid DIY tree trimming.

Trimming of Protected Species

Some trees are protected by law. It doesn't matter whether the tree is in your yard, it may be illegal to trim it. Trimming or doing any other harmful thing to a protected tree species can subject you to severe consequences—you may be fined or even jailed.

Professional arborists are familiar with tree laws in your state. Therefore, they will warn you about the trees that shouldn't be tampered with.

Trimming Is Hazardous

Jobs that require ladders, handsaws, and chainsaws are dangerous. Tree trimming is deemed to be a dangerous job in the U.S., with reports showing that a few arborists have died while working. If professionals are at risk, this says a lot about the nature of the job.

One of the risks associated with DIY tree trimming is that the average homeowner may not be able to tell between a healthy or dead branch. If they lean on a dead branch, they could easily fall and sustain serious injuries.

Another hazard associated with DIY tree trimming is the use of sharp tools. You need special coordination to handle a chainsaw. Arborists know how to yield the equipment safely. Many homeowners don't have safety bucket trucks and harnesses, putting them at risk in case of an accident.

Trimming Can Lead to Home Damage

Generally, tree trimming should be done when you notice a diseased tree. However, tree trimming doesn't only apply to unhealthy trees. There may be branches that aren't diseased but have hidden defects.

If you only trim the obviously diseased trees, harsh weather conditions could take out the branches with underlying conditions that you never noticed. Similarly, trees that are trimmed the wrong way can rot and fall unexpectedly. In any of these scenarios, the branches could fall on your home and lead to huge losses. An arborist will know how to spot hidden tree defects and trim all the affected branches.

Tree trimming is crucial for ensuring your trees remain healthy and attractive. Overlooking this vital element of tree care may lead to the death of your trees. Make sure you hire an arborist for tree trimming services.