Have Stumps In Your Garden? 3 Reasons Professional Stump Removal Is Critical

Some unsightly stumps are often left behind after felling or removing the undesirable trees. The stumps can be risky and a liability to you in several ways, so you need to get someone to remove them. Besides looking unsightly, stumps can injure your kids or damage your vehicle. Unfortunately, trying to remove the stumps yourself can be backbreaking and risky. For this reason, it's advisable to contact stump removal professionals to remove them for the following reasons.

Stumps Will Damage Your Lawnmower

Tree stumps will not just cause serious injuries to your loved ones and visitors, but they will also make mowing problematic. For instance, you could accidentally damage the lawnmower when mowing the lawn. And since you don't want to experience such problems and the inconvenience they cause, ensure you get all the stumps removed. It's sometimes hard to spot the small stumps when mowing because they camouflage with mulch and plant life. The more often your lawnmower gets damaged, the more money you spend on repairs and replacement.

Stumps Encourage Pest Infestations

After tree removal, most stumps begin to rot, becoming a favorable habitat for pests and insects. Decaying stumps can attract pests like ants, borers, and even termites, which could later become a nuisance. So when you don't remove the stumps in good time, you spend more money on pest control services because you have to hire someone to eliminate these unwanted creatures. In most cases, termites in the decaying stumps could invade your home and cause significant damage. You should, therefore, hire experts to remove stumps in your garden or property to avoid unexpected problems.

Stumps Are Extremely Dangerous

Stumps, more so the small ones, are dangerous because someone may be unable to easily spot them. Unfortunately, people could overlook them and may not see the need to remove them after felling trees. Stumps can cause you or someone else to trip and get seriously hurt. Typically, most people aren't careful when running, jogging, or walking, so the stumps could unexpectedly cause them to fall and get injured. Stump removal services are a worthwhile investment because they make your garden and property a safe place for your family, guests, and everyone else.

You Create More Space

Stumps occupy substantial space in your garden, which could be utilized in other helpful ways. If you live in a small property with several stumps, they should be removed to create more space. Actually, you can add a table, stunning flower garden, water feature, or even a swing where the stumps had occupied. Professional stump removal helps free up the space you need for other significant use.

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