Is Tree Trimming Important?

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, you know the benefits of having beautiful, well-maintained trees on your property. They provide shade, purify the air you breathe, increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, and boost property value, among other benefits!

You may also have heard that one of the ways to maintain trees is to trim them regularly, but don't fully understand why this service is so critical. Don't worry – here are four reasons why tree trimming is important:

It Enhances Tree Appearance

Failure to trim your trees regularly may cause them to have overgrown branches and limbs. Some limbs may even grow while crossing each other, leading to an overall awkward appearance. 

Tree trimming restores the tree's natural shape and appearance. The overgrown and overhanging branches and limbs are removed, while the remaining branches get the light and space needed to grow healthier. This will not only make your trees appear more aesthetically appealing, but it can also boost the overall curb appeal.

Provides More Safety

Ignoring tree trimming can affect the safety of your property. Overhanging or dead branches along pathways are a serious safety risk to you, your family, and other passersby. They can knock your head as you walk or cause you to trip if they are lying low. 

If your trees are growing close to your home, the situation is even direr. In the event of a huge storm or heavy winds, the overhanging branches could easily fall off to damage your property or injure people nearby. 

Improves Tree Health

When a tree has too many unwanted branches, it may not grow healthy as all of them are fighting for the available limited nutrients. When you trim the tree, the remaining few branches get abundant nutrients, and they become healthier. 

Moreover, routine trimming allows you to detect any issues with your trees early. You observe the hidden branches and leaves and notice signs of disease like leaf discoloration, downy mildew, and fungal leaf spots. This allows you to seek the necessary treatments early, which could save the life of your tree. 

Pest and Animal Control

An overgrown tree will entice all sorts of pests and animals. It can serve as a home to raccoons that then stroll into the house to eat your grains and damage your home's foundation. Other pests, such as termites, wood wasps, stem borers, and leaf wasps, may also invade the tree to feed on its material, eventually causing diseases that could bring down your tree.

When you trim your tree, there is improved air circulation and openness, which discourages pets and animals from settling on the tree. This protects your tree from pest-induced diseases, so it can last for many years. For more information, contact a tree trimming service near you.