Reduce Sidewalk Upkeep And Concerns With Tree Removal Services

Buying a single-family home may come with a sidewalk that you must maintain. A well-maintained sidewalk provides a safe passage for pedestrians to walk by your property and around the neighborhood. However, you may worry about potential issues from nearby trees.

While some of these issues are preventable, you can take a more reliable approach by hiring professionals to remove trees.

Weak Branches

A healthy tree with strong branches is not a concern because you may know that the branches will stay attached unless a major storm or heavy winds come through the area. The main concern is trees known for having weak branches because they can fall off at any time.

A branch falling off can injure anyone walking along the sidewalk, whether a neighbor, stranger, friend, or family member. Tall trees usually pose the greatest risk because branches can pick up speed before hitting the sidewalk, increasing the chance of a serious injury.

Even when branches do not harm anyone, you need to clean up fallen branches off the sidewalk. You can save time and make the sidewalk safer with tree removal services.

Root Damage

While branches can cause problems overhead, you may also worry about root damage underneath. Invasive shallow root growth is the easiest to spot on your own because you can see the roots growing along the surface. The most reliable way to stop root growth before it reaches the sidewalk and causes damage is to remove the tree before it continues growing.

Another possibility is deep roots inching closer to the sidewalk by the day. This problem is trickier to diagnose and one that warrants a professional inspection. Some homeowners may try to time the root growth to remove a tree just before it becomes a serious problem. Ideally, you want to remove these trees early on because trying to time their growth pattern is tricky.

Tree Debris

Cleaning up landscape debris is an important responsibility as a homeowner because buildup can build up and cause all sorts of problems. While the main concerns involve your grass and plants, you may also not like how much time and effort you put into cleaning the sidewalk.

All it takes is one messy tree in your front yard to make a mess of the sidewalk. Even if you find the tree attractive, you should consider its removal to reduce your cleaning responsibilities.

Hire professionals for tree removal services to preserve your sidewalk and minimize upkeep. For more information, contact a local company, like American Quality Tree Services.