3 Things You Need To Know About Tree Removal

Tree removal is something that most homeowners tackle at some point. Whether you're dealing with an old tree, one that is in an inconvenient location, or one that is damaged or diseased, safe removal is essential. While you may be able to remove a small tree, trying to take down a large tree on your own can be dangerous. Therefore, you should hire a tree removal service. Here are some things to know about tree removal. 

Removal Requires Special Equipment

Taking down a tree safely, especially a large one, takes more than an ax and manpower. Tree removal service professionals have a variety of specialized tools that they use to tackle tree removal. Some standard tree removal tools include chainsaws, axes, wedges, and equipment for climbing and rigging. Knowing how to use these tools is also vital. A tree service professional knows what tools are necessary to remove a tree and the best method to use for said tree removal.

Removal Can Get Pricey

The special equipment and skills necessary for tree removal come at a price. Tree removal services can get expensive. Large trees or trees in difficult areas can cost more to take down. The average cost of tree removal services ranges between $700 and $750. However, removing a small tree can cost as little as $150, while large tree removal may mean spending upwards of $2,000 on removal services. Size is typically going to be the best indicator of cost. 

Removal May Not Include The Stump

Another thing to consider when removing a tree from your property is what to do with the stump. Some tree removal services may include stump removal, while others may not. Before committing to a tree removal service, you need to ask what they offer regarding stump removal. Removing a stump and its root system can cost an additional $150 to $500. Stump grinding, which does not remove the roots, costs $100 to $400.

If a tree near your home needs to come down, there are a few things to know about tree removal. First, tree removal requires special skills and equipment, which is why you should probably leave tree removal to the professionals. Second, tree removal costs will vary depending on the size and location of the tree. Finally, tree removal services may or may not include stump removal, so keep that in mind when planning to remove a tree on your property.