Got A Lot Of Mosquitoes? How A Mosquito Removal Service Can Help You

If you have a lot of mosquitoes around your home, this can be annoying but can also be dangerous as some mosquitoes carry diseases. It can be difficult to get rid of the mosquitoes on your own, which is why you should hire a mosquito removal service company. Below is information on how they can help you.

Make Preparations

Once you find a mosquito removal service, you need to make some preparations before they arrive at your home. First, move any plants inside or away from the area where you have the mosquitoes. This will protect them from insecticides that may harm or kill your plants. 

If you have children and/or pets, they need to be kept inside while the workers are spraying outside. They should also be kept inside for about an hour after to be safe. If you have a pond outside that has fish in it, the fish can be killed if the insecticide gets in the water. For this reason, cover the pond well before the contractor starts. Keep the cover on until about an hour or so after the contractor leaves. 

If you have flowers and/or plants that are planted in the ground cover them up to protect them. The contractors will do their best to keep insecticide away from these things, but if they are close to where they are spraying, the spray may get on them. 

Use Insecticide

The contractor sent to your home will use an insecticide to kill the mosquitoes. They generally wear a type of backpack with a tank on it that has a sprayer attached to it. The insecticide is inside the backpack. The contractor will spray the ground, vegetation, under leaves on trees, etc. The spray kills the mosquitoes very quickly. The insecticide leaves behind enough residue on the ground and leaves that will continue repelling mosquitoes and other unwanted insects that get into your yard.

The insecticide the company uses will be registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The insecticide used today is much safer than what was used in the past as the insecticide is less toxic. Most insecticides used are made with things like synthetic chemicals, and pyrethrin, that is derived from flowers, such as chrysanthemums.

The service that you hire can give you much more information on how they kill mosquitoes. If you have a lot of them, the service may suggest that they come back a second time.