Four Subtle Signs Your Tree Needs To Be Removed

Trees that pose an immediate danger to your home or property won't always start leaning dangerously or dropping branches. The more subtle signs of decay and damage can sometimes be so hidden that only a close inspection by a tree removal professional will reveal them. Here's what to look out for.

Roots Are Disrupting Foundation or Pipes

When a tree grows too large, especially if it is growing too close to your home, its roots can spread deep and wide enough to start causing serious damage to your home's foundation or plumbing. Large tree roots can break up concrete or break through sewage pipes, which can result in serious structural issues and sewage pipes that need to be completely replaced.

Unfortunately, even if the tree is completely healthy, one that will, or could, cause such serious damage will need to be removed in order to protect your home. If you have a large tree growing near your home, call a specialist to inspect your home to check for early signs of trouble.

Fungi Growing Around Trunk

Fungi growing near your tree's trunk is often a sign of rot. When a tree dies and the trunk and root system begins to rot, fungi that feed on dead wood will begin to grow there. It can sometimes be hard to tell if a tree is dead or not at a glance, so checking for sudden fungus growth is an important indicator.

By the time these fungi start to grow, the tree is often too far gone to save, and it will need to be removed before it rots to the point of falling over.

Trunk Is Hollow

When a tree dies, the outside of the tree will often be the last areas to show signs of death. One potential situation, caused often by diseases or pests, is that the tree trunk itself will become hollow. Sometimes this is visible through holes or gaps in the outer bark.

A hollow trunk poses a serious risk, as this means the trunk is greatly weakened, leaving the tree much more susceptible to falling over and striking a person or a building. Closely inspect any trees you suspect of having this issue, or call a professional to look at them for you.

The Tree Is Badly Infested or Infected

Trees can fall prey to illnesses or pest infestations that can greatly weaken them or kill them. If an infestation or infection isn't noticed quickly enough, they can take over the entire tree. Diseases can kill even the largest trees, and pests can eat at trees from the inside out.

If an infestation or infection has gotten too bad, the tree may be beyond the point of saving and will need to be removed before it is weakened so much that it may fall.