Know How To Use Epsom Salts For Tree Stump Removal

Do you have a tree stump that has been in your front yard for years and is really starting to bother you, or a stump left behind from a recently cut down tree? If so, you may be looking to get rid of the ugly remains from your home's yard once and for all. Unfortunately, removing a tree stump can be a difficult task to complete. You may not have considered using Epsom salt to remove a tree stump since it can actually make the job easier. Here is what you should know about using it for stump removal.

Why Epsom Salt Is A Good Choice For Tree Stump Removal

You may have read up on using various chemicals on a tree stump to soften the wood and make the stump easy to remove from the ground. These chemicals can be quite expensive to purchase, while Epsom salt provides similar results while being more affordable.

It is practical to use Epsom salt when most of the stump is already gone, but there are still live roots underground from the tree. This is because Epsom salt will cut off the moisture from traveling to the tree's roots, which causes them to stop growing. This will eventually make the stump easy to remove when the time is right.

Why Epsom Salt Is Safe and Effective To Use For Tree Stump Removal

The process of using Epsom salt is very safe and simple to do, which means you can even tackle this job without using professional help. It starts by drilling holes deep into the exposed top of the tree's stump. The holes should be as deep as you can make them so that the salt can really get into the stump. You can use a circular drill bit to do this, placing several holes across the cut edge of the trunk that is exposed.

Fill each hole with Epsom salt, then fill up the hole with water. Extra Epsom salt should be sprinkled around the exterior of the tree stump without using any water. Place a tarp over the tree stump to prevent the weather from interfering with the process. This will keep rainwater out, which could wash away all the salt.

Repeat the process of adding salt and water each day to the holes. After about a month, you'll find that the stump has become very soft and will be very easy to remove. For more information, contact a company like Good Morrow