3 Signs It's Time To Trim Your Trees

Investing in the trees you have on your property is a great way to encourage healthy growth and keep your landscape maintained. If you have not had your trees trimmed in a while or don't know how to tell if trimming is needed, follow a few tips to see when it is time. Here are 3 signs your trees could use a good trim.

They look messy

Trees naturally just continue growing until they begin to age or die of disease, which means they can lose their beautiful rounded or triangular shape pretty quickly. New sprouted growth can make one side of a tree look bushier than another and give it a lopsided appearance. Stand way back from your property and look at your trees from the top down. They should have a uniform oval, round, or triangular shape, depending on the types of trees they are. If you can't discern any particular shape pattern at all, an arborist can be hired to trim your trees so they look even and have greater curb appeal.

They are touching one another

You don't really want your trees to be touching one another because this can lead to competitive growth among them. Trees that are too close together will begin to crowd one another out as they fight for the sun which can cause the weaker trees to start to bend away from their aggressors in an attempt to snag what little sunlight they can. To prevent this from happening have your trees trimmed so their limbs are not touching one another and repeat the process yearly until all your trees have straightened out and have plenty of room to grown. You can hire and arborist to perform tree trimming services for you.

They are overhanging

Some trees are known for their hanging branches. Willows and birch trees are particularly notorious for their elegant, swooping branches. Trees that have not been trimmed in years can start to droop as well from overhanging branches that are too long and too heavy.This can lead to unwanted breakage or other tree damage and can make the tree itself work too hard to nourish its many limbs. Talk to an arborist about thinning out some of your trees that appear to be too full year after year so they can achieve healthier, more attractive growth. Your arborit can inspect all your trees to see what other kinds of trimming they may need to be most appealing in your yard.

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