Correcting Tree Trimming And Removal Myths

Trees are among the largest plants that can be found on your property, and this can present some rather unique care needs that must be met. In some instances, it might be necessary to have the tree trimmed or removed, and believing misconceptions can cause a homeowner to make mistakes that could compromise the appearance and safety of their property.  

Myth: Tree Trimming Is Only For The Appearance Of The Tree

Having a tree trimmed can be an excellent way of encouraging new growth, which can cause the tree to appear lush and beautiful. Unfortunately, homeowners often assume that this type of work is only done for these aesthetic reasons. However, it can often be necessary to trim the tree in order to protect its health. This can be especially true when the tree is suffering from disease as removing the infected branches can be the most effective way of limiting the spread of this issue. If the infection reaches the trunk of the tree, it will be far easier for it to spread throughout the rest of the plant, which could lead to death.

Myth: Professional Help Is Only Needed To Remove Particularly Large Trees

When one of your trees can't be saved, the best option may be to have it removed. Failing to remove a tree that has died or is experiencing significant structural problems could create a risk of branches or the entire tree falling onto the buildings, cars, or people on your property.

Unfortunately, some people will fail to appreciate the need to hire professionals to remove small and medium sized trees. However, these trees are often still large enough to cause substantial damage, and they can be more difficult to control during the removal process because their lighter weight allows the wind to influence them. Professional tree removal services can use specially designed guide systems that will allow them to have a large degree of control over where the tree lands. For those that will want the tree stump removed, these services can use grinding tools to remove much of the tree stump or they may be able to pull the stump out of the ground.

If you own a home that has numerous trees on its property, there is a strong chance that you will eventually need to have one or more of these trees trimmed or removed. By appreciating the practical reasons why you might need to trim your trees and the benefits of using professionals to remove small and medium trees, you can prevent common myths from misleading you about this common landscaping work. 

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