Three Steps For Keeping A Cherry Blossom Tree Low Maintenance

A cherry blossom tree is one of the prettiest trees possible. The flowers of the cherry blossom offer a beautiful, soft, pink plant every spring season. Cherry blossom flower petals even look beautiful as they begin to fall. The one thing that is not pretty about the cherry blossom tree is the amount of cleanup that the tree will require. Here are three steps for keeping a cherry blossom tree low maintenance in the backyard of your home. 

Keep the tree in a short dome shape

A cherry blossom tree can sprout long branches. Though this will provide a pretty, pink color to your yard, it will also have a good amount of fallout that will need to be raked regularly. If you cut the tree in a dome shape with high branches, there will be fewer blossoms that scatter all over your lawn. With a dome-shaped top, the flowers that fall will happen at the base of the tree, which will save time and energy when it comes to cleanup. 

Place the tree towards the back of the yard

The most difficult part of owning a cherry blossom tree is the way that the small flowers will fall and blow around. If you want to keep the tree and its blossoms somewhat contained, you should put the tree towards the back of the yard. If you have a patio, backyard eating areas, or a pool, make sure these remain towards the front of the yard. This will keep your useable yard space relatively clear of blossoms that collect near the tree.

Leave the rest of the yard clear

If you have a cherry blossom tree, it will make it easier for maintenance if you leave the rest of the yard clear of other plants and tree life. If there are too many bushes and other foliage, the cherry blossoms may get stuck inside of these and make it difficult to clean the yard one the tree starts to shed. Keep the yard clear of any sort of bushes and brush. If you keep mulch or low grass near the cherry blossom tree, the tree's blossoms can decompose. If the yard is clear and the winds tend to blow in one direction, your blossoms may all collect themselves in the area and become easy to pick up and dispose of during a weekly yard cleaning. 

For more help, contact a tree trimming service.