Tips For Pruning A Young Oak Tree

If you planted an oak tree in your backyard a couple years ago and it is time for its first pruning, then it is important that you trim the tree during the right time of the year and using the proper technique. By pruning your tree during the right season and using the right methods, you will prevent tree illness from setting in and keep your tree healthy. To this end, follow these time-tested tips for pruning your young oak tree to keep it healthy for years to come:

Tip: Only Prune Oak Trees During Their Dormant Season

If you prune your young oak tree during the wrong season, then the tree may die or become diseased. Oak trees should only be pruned during their dormant season which is from October to April. You can tell that the tree is dormant when it has shed all of its leaves and has not formed buds for new ones.

Tip: Trim Oak Trees with Sterile Tools

When you trim your oak tree's excessive growth, you need to use tools that have been sterilized since their last use. You should rub your pruners and pole saw with mineral spirits to kill any bacteria that has grown on them since their last use. This step is vital to prevent disease in your young oak tree.

Tip: Prune Off all Crossing Branches

As your young oak tree is growing, some of its branches will invariably grow crossed over each other. When you prune the oak tree, it is imperative that you cut off any branches that cross. Crossed branches will rub together in the wind and this will cause open wounds on the tree. Open wounds allow insects and tree diseases to get into the tree and can lead to its demise.

Tip: Raise the Crown of the Tree

Finally, as your young oak tree grows into a mature tree, you need to manage its crown height and growth. You should trim all of the branches on the lower two-thirds of the tree so that the tree's crown is well off of the ground level. This serves two purposes. The first is that removing all of the lower growth forces the tree's trunk to grow thicker and support the tree better. And, the second is that it keeps the tree's branches up higher and keeps them out of the way of people and pets who are passing by the tree. For professional assistance, consider hiring a tree trimming service like Show Me Tree Service.