2 Great Ways To Get Rid Of Stumps On Your Lawn

When it comes to making your lawn the best that it possibly can, perhaps the best thing you can possibly do for it is to ensure that you don't have any tree stumps protruding out of nowhere. Not only is it a great aesthetic decision to get rid of tree stumps, but it can also serve to make your lawn significantly safer. No longer will people have to worry about tripping and falling because of a stump on your lawn. Read on and find out about just a few of the easiest ways to get rid of stumps.

Chemical Removal

Before using this method, make sure that you have purchased a commercial-grade chemical stump remover. Using a large diameter drill bit, drill a set of equally spaced holes in the top of your stump. Then, simply pour in an ample amount of the chemical stump remover. This powdery substance, which contains a large amount of chemical nitrate, will work towards rotting the stump from the inside out. Over the course of a week or two, the stump should rot away and soften. At this point, you can easily chop up the stump and bury it, giving your lawn a nice amount of fertilizer and one less ugly stump.

Dig Out The Stump

This is perhaps the most traditional way to get rid of a tree stump that had made its presence on your property. Using a shovel, dig a perimeter around the circumference of the stump. This should expose the roots of the stump. Using a root saw, cut up the roots into as many pieces as you can and then get rid of them. It is important to note that using a hatchet to accomplish this goal can be quite difficult – and dangerous. Roots are incredibly resilient and can wind up deflecting a hatchet's blade. After you have removed the roots, you can now dig up the stump. Make sure that you fill up the remaining hole with sawdust, as it will stay as it is for quite some time, and you do not want visitors to trip in this hole.

If you do not feel particularly comfortable removing a tree stump yourself, it is recommended that you call on the help of a commercial tree removal service. For a fee, they can make your lawn look significantly better than it did in the past by quickly removing any jarring stumps.