Tree Removal Tips: How To Use A Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is a type of tool that has a rotating disc with serrated edges. This is a great tool for grinding down tree stumps after you have removed a tree from your yard. Here are some tips for using a stump grinder safely and effectively.

Trim the Stump as Much as Possible

If you have recently cut down the tree, the stump might be too large to use a stump grinder. You want to trim it down as close to the ground's surface as possible. Try using an ax to chop down the stump to ground-level. While it doesn't always have to be flush with the ground's surface, this reduces the amount of work the stump grinder needs to do. Once you have cut it down, clear the area near the tree stump. Remove any pieces of tree that were left behind, along with branches, leaves, and other debris.

Wear Protective Gear

Before you start using your stump grinder, ensure you are protected as much as possible. This can be a dangerous piece of equipment if you aren't careful, especially when it is your first time using it. Protect yourself by wearing gloves, sturdy shoes, and goggles. You might also want to protect your mouth and nose from wood particles with a respirator mask. It is also a good idea to make sure all pets and children are indoors when you are operating the stump grinder.

Grind the Stump

At this point, you are ready to turn on the machine and start to grind your stump into wood chips. The grinder wheel should be raised a few inches above the level of the stump, which is done by using the hydraulic lever on the stump grinder. When the grinder raised, start moving the machine forward so the wheel is right at the front edge of the stump. Turn on the grinder so that the wheel starts to spin. Lower the wheel slowly so that it goes a few inches into the top edge of the stump.

You should also be swinging the wheel back and forth to clear the wood out from the stump by using the hydraulic lever. When you get into the stump a few inches, pull out the grinding wheel, move it forward a few inches, and repeat the same grinding process. Continue in this manner until you are left with wood chips from the stump.

If you aren't confident about using a stump grinder, it is a good idea to call a professional service like Tree Landers for help. They will take care of the stump quickly, thoroughly, and safely.