3 Reasons You May Want to Remove Trees from Your Business Location

A lovely tree is a gorgeous addition to a residential property, but there are times when it may actually be a hindrance to a commercial property and the businesses located on it. If you have a large tree growing on your business property, you may want to get it removed before it costs more than it is worth.

1. It Could Lead to Liability Issues

Trees come with some inherent liability risks. They can fall on property, either damaging your own property or your neighboring lots. They can even drop branches on people or their cars, causing significant medical costs or property damage. If you have ever been notified that your tree may be dead, damaged or otherwise dangerous, it's very possible that you could be found liable for these issues. Moreover, if your tree damages your own property, and it was not properly maintained, your insurance company may opt not to pay for the claim. Even healthy trees can become damaged during times of severe weather, such as storms and tornadoes. Though they may be beautiful, a tree can become dangerous at any time. 

2. It May Discourage Parking

Many people don't want to park beneath trees -- they are too concerned that their car will be dirty. On the other hand, people do want to park in the shade, especially during the summer months. An excellent compromise is to replace a tree with decently covered parking. A rudimentary parking covering is usually fairly inexpensive and can make a commercial location more attractive to many individuals. 

3. It Can Obscure Your Storefront

Maybe the most compelling reason to remove a tree is that, though it is beautiful, it can be obscuring your storefront. You may not think that it does because it doesn't block off your signage or displays from the front, but try to drive around your neighborhood and determine whether your sign is visible to vehicles and pedestrians approaching. Often, people may notice a store or other commercial location while they are traveling and may come back later -- or they may even make a last minute, impulse decision to stop. Not being able to see your storefront can disrupt this type of planning.

Most buildings should invest in a professional tree removal service. In commercial areas, bringing down a tree without professional help like Northern Virginia Tree Experts, Inc. can be quite dangerous; trees can often fall in ways that an amateur may not anticipate. Though trees may be attractive, there is always some inherent danger.