Tips for Pruning Trees That Are 3–4 Years Old

As the sapling you planted in your front yard a few years ago grows into a real tree, the tree pruning techniques that you use need to change. Here is what you should focus on when pruning trees that are between three and four years old.

Establish One Dominate Branch

As your sapling grows into a tree, one branch should become the dominant top branch. If you have multiple branches still competing to be the top branch, now is the time to pick which one is going to be the dominant branch.

Try to choose the branch that is the longest and thickest, and cut off the other top branches as close to the base of the tree as possible.

Cut Off the Low Branches as Well

If any branches have sprouted out recently near the bottom of the tree, trim these branches. New branches that are too low to the ground will not get the sunlight they need to grow properly and will drain resources that your tree needs to continue to thrive.

Once again, try to cut the branches as close to the trunk of the tree as possible. That will help the cuts heal quickly and will help prevent your tree from developing an infection.

Thin Out the Branches

You want your tree to grow up with lots of thick branches and leaves. However, in order to get to that point, you need to occasionally thin out the branches. When your tree is younger, an over abundance of branches can lead to too much competition for the water and light your tree needs to survive.

When thinning out the branches, start by cutting any branches that are growing in strange directions. Next, trim any branches that seem to be getting in the way and running into stronger branches. Finally, trim away a few branches in areas that look a little too crowded.

By doing some selective trimming, you will help the branches that you leave in place get all the sunlight and water they need in order to produce the nutrients needed to thrive. Make sure you don't overdo it – you only want to slightly thin out the branches a little bit. If you cut away too many branches, your tree will also not be able to get the nutrients it needs.

If you feel like you need more guidance about how to properly prune your young trees, put in a call to a local tree service provider like Tri-Point Tree & Landscaping. They can come out and help you prune your trees and answer any additional questions you may have.