3 People To Call When Getting Rid Of Wood From An Old Tree

Sometimes the hardest part about having a tree cut down isn't the sawing or pruning, but actually getting the wood out of your yard. However, there are a number of industries and hobbies that make great use out of logs like these, and some people are masterful enough to make them into something beautiful. Here are three types of hobbyists that would love to get their hands on your former backyard tree. 

Wood Turners

Wood turning is the art of carving wood on a lathe to make objects that are typically cylindrical like baseball bats or pens. Wood turners can use a huge variety of materials including woods from ash or oak trees or even acrylics and metals, in some cases. Offering a few logs in exchange for a pen or two to a wood turner nearby is mutually beneficial, since you get the lumber out of your yard, a couple free pens or some other homemade craft, and the wood craftsman can sell or use his work if he so desires. 

Floral Designers

Many flower shops don't just deal with living flowers, as branches and twigs can often make their way into an arrangement in subtle ways. The great part about this application is that florists can use both green and dry sticks, meaning that even if you cut down your tree hours or weeks ago, it is likely a florist will take some of the wood. If you really want to kill a few birds with the same stone, see if your wood turner friend is talented enough to make a vase from a thin log, which would then be useful to you or your local florist. 


Compost isn't the only use for a fresh set of logs and twigs, nor are wood chips for mulch. Smaller branches can easily be made into rustic plant markers that make it look less like you're labeling a science project than typical markers. Stools and benches can be fashioned from logs as well and will find a ready home in any garden. 

Lugging your old tree off to a dump can be a huge hassle and needlessly so. You would be surprised to see how many people in your town would love to take home some scraps from your old tree, and the most satisfying part is seeing what an old tree can become in the hands of a skilled hobbyist.

If you need a tree trimmed or taken down and can't do it on your own, get in touch with a business like MML Tree Service.