Four Signs That The Tree In Your Yard Needs To Go

If you have large shade trees in your yard, they can benefit your home. When they are well cared for and disease-free, they are great, but when they get into plumbing or succumb to disease, you may need to remove them. This can be a difficult decision, which you may have to remove a tree that is causing plumbing problems, is a danger to your home or that is unhealthy. Here are four signs that that old tree needs to be removed to protect your home:

1. Obvious Signs Of Insects And Diseases

Insects and disease are major causes of tree death. An obvious sign of this can be bore holes from insects or bulges in bark from diseases like blights. If your tree has a severe problem with insects or disease, it will need to be removed. Sometimes, this is a necessary solution to prevent these problems from spreading to other nearby, healthy trees.

2. Changes To The Way The Tree Stands

If your tree goes from standing straight up one day to leaning one direction the next, this can be a sign that your tree needs to be removed. It can be a sign of weak soil, root problems and other damage to your tree. These problems are usually caused by the root system, and removal is needed to prevent the tree from falling and damaging your property.

3. Damage To The Trunk And Roots Of The Tree

You may see obvious signs of damage to the trunk or roots of your tree. This can be bark peeling and dead areas around the trunk. It may also be rotten or dead roots that are visible. If you notice these problems around your tree, you may want to have an arborist, like those from Chudy Tree Care, look at it. This is something that often happens to older trees when they reach the end of their life. It can also be a sign of other issues such as disease or insects.

4. Large Dead Branches And New Growth At The Trunk Of The Tree

Another sign that your tree needs to be removed is dead branches in the canopy. This is often a sign that the canopy of the tree is dead, and it can also be accompanied by new growth on the trunk of the tree. Usually, sprouts on the lower part of the tree is a sign that the tree is not healthy, and it will try to regenerate at the trunk of the tree. Sometimes, these problems can be solved by topping the tree, but removal may be the best solution.

These are some of the signs that the tree in your yard is becoming a problem for your home. If you need to have an old tree removed from your property, contact a tree removal service and have them take it down. They can also help you with maintenance and care of the healthy trees on your property.