Improving Your Landscaping This Spring: What You Can Do

When spring finally arrives after a long, harsh winter, you can't wait to get outside and really get started working in your yard and designing your landscaping scheme for the year. And if you are new to homeownership and home landscaping, you may find yourself wondering what to do and how to get started. Before you panic and possibly even give up before you start, get to know some of the ways that you can improve the overall landscaping in your yard this spring. Then, you can take the necessary steps to start the process of making your yard a place that you want to spend time in this spring and summer. 

Remove Dead Trees and Tree Stumps

The first step that you will want to take when beginning your landscaping process this spring is to get rid of any unnecessary or dead plant life in your yard. This means that if you have any trees that are not showing signs of life, that you will need to call a tree service.

Many of the perennial trees and plants in your yard will begin blooming and sprouting at the same time in spring. However, some trees are late bloomers. So, do not assume just because one of your trees is still bare that it is dead. Instead, call a tree service to come out and assess your tree situation. 

If the tree experts determine that your tree is in fact dead, then they will be able to remove it. And don't forget to contact a tree stump removal service as well to get rid of any unsightly tree stumps that are left in your yard as well. They can derail any other beautiful landscaping that you do, and will make general lawn care difficult. 

Rake and Mulch

To get your yard ready for planting and landscaping, you will also want to start by raking up old leaves and removing debris from your lawn. This will get dead and decaying organic material (leaves, twigs, and withered annual plants from last year) off of your lawn and allow it to thrive and flourish. 

Additionally, after you get all of the unwanted material removed, you will want to add mulch to certain areas of your yard. Apply mulch around the base of all of your remaining trees. Also, place the mulch around any perennial plants or shrubs that will be regrowing this spring as well. The mulch provides protection and nutrition to these plants to help keep them healthy and help them grow.

Take these steps to get your yard ready for any big landscaping projects you have planned for this spring. If you do so, you will have a healthy lawn and good-looking trees and plant life to work with as you work and play in your yard this spring and summer. Talk to a professional like Brandywine Tree & Shrub for assistance.