Taking Proper Care Of Your Beautiful Dogwood Tree

When a dogwood tree starts blooming, it is a sign that spring is here or on its way. This tree starts to bloom with white or pink flowers in the early spring. The blooms only last a few weeks, however, depending on the type of dogwood you have. Even after the blooms, the tree is still beautiful, and you should take proper care of it. If you need help, call your local tree service company. Here's how to take care of your dogwood tree. 

Dogwood Tree Care

Caring for a dogwood tree is not difficult. Applying one layer of compost around the trunk each spring is the most important thing you should do, because it gives your tree nutrients. You can purchase compost at most garden centers. Once the compost is laid down, put approximately two inches of mulch around the tree to help it retain moisture. This will also help to control weeds that may grow around it. Talk with the garden center about the best type of mulch you should use.

You should not have to prune the tree during the growing season. Once fall arrives, however, you should hire a tree service to prune it. They can identify any branches that are broken, diseased or dead, and remove them to keep the tree healthy. The tree company will also shape the dogwood so it does not overgrow on one side.

Dogwood Tree Issues

Unfortunately, dogwood trees are susceptible to insect problems and some diseases. The most common problem is a fungal disease, known as anthracnose. It needs moisture to spread up the trunk of the tree, so it is common in the spring season.

If you notice your dogwood tree has brown spots on the leaves, you may have this problem. A tree service company can remove the portions of the tree that are diseased if you call them before the disease spreads over most of the tree.

If you notice small holes in the leaves and trunk, your tree may have the beetle bore. This beetle also crawls under the trunk and produces larvae that are deadly to the dogwood.  If this happens, it is very difficult to spray fungicide on them to kill them. If your dogwood tree has this problem, you may have to have it removed. For more information, contact a business such as Pete & Ron's Tree Service.

If you are pruning or cutting down a diseased dogwood, make sure you remove the branches  immediately, or they could spread through your yard and infect your other trees, vegetation, etc.