Landscaping Your Lawn? If You Have Dogs, Be Sure To Avoid These Plants

If you're considering placing new plants in your yard, your main focus is probably going to be on what looks good and what will grow the best in your environment. Unfortunately, many people don't consider their four-legged friends when choosing what to use for their landscaping. If you have a dog that spends any time outside though, this is important to consider as some common plants can be harmful to them if they're eaten. Here's a look at some plants to avoid using in your landscaping if you have dogs that spend time outside.


Rhubarb is a very popular garden plant, and is cooked in to many desserts. But the natural plant's roots have soluable calcium oxalates. These toxins can make a dog drool excessively, cause kidney failure, and can cause tremors.

Apple trees

The bark of the apple tree, and the stem, leaves and seeds of an apple all contain very small traces of cyanide. In small doses, this isn't a problem. But if you have a tree planted near a spot your dog would spend a lot of time, and your dog eats a lot of apples, there could be trouble.

Aloe vera

Because the aloe vera plant has so many uses that are beneficial for humans, many people choose to plant it at their home so they'll always have some on hand. But aloe vera isn't good for most animals. The smell of an aloe vera plant is tempting to dogs, and while the actual gel inside isn't harmful, the outside leaves are. Ingesting aloe vera leaves can cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and even tremors.

Rhododendrons or Azaleas

These two plants are considered to be among the prettiest flowering plants, and can be found in plenty of gardens. But they're bad news for dogs if eaten. They contain a toxin called grayantoxin, which can affect a dog's muscles and nerves, causing colic, dizziness, excessive drooling, loss of appetite, reduced heat function, and even paralysis.

Of course, even if you avoid these plants, there's still a lot that goes in to making sure your yard is safe for your dog. That's why it's often best to just trust the professionals, ones like Atlas Tree Service Inc. They likely have years of experience in this area, and know exactly what's best to plant and what you should avoid. Let the pros handle your landscaping, and you'll have a dog-friendly yard in no time!