A Guide To Planting Birch Trees

There are many beautiful and diverse species of birch trees. Luckily, most birch trees have the same maintenance: sunshine, soil, and water requirements. This article will explain why birch trees are ideal for usage in landscaping. They will give your yard some color, especially in the fall when the leaves turn a bright, beautiful yellow. Birch trees do require a little bit of maintenance and pruning throughout the season to keep them healthy. However, the most important factor, when it comes to the long term health of a birch tree, is ensuring that it is planted in the right location and soil.

What are Birch Trees

Birch trees are very popular because they have beautiful, distinct bark and delicate leaves. Birch trees can grow upwards of 100 feet tall with a canopy over 60 feet wide. They can live to be 50 years old if they are cared for properly. Thinking give your home some much needed shade and they can be the showpiece of your yard.

Where to Plant Birch Trees

birch trees have shallow roots systems so you do not want to put them in the center of your yard if you have small children or pets that will be running around on it. They prefer moist soil in a cool climate. So, if you live in it warmer climate region, you will definitely want to make sure the base of your tree gets plenty of shade throughout the day. You do not want your tree to be in complete shade, because the leaves need some sunlight to prosper. This is why most people plant birch trees on the east or north side of their home. This prevents afternoon heat from drying up the soil and damaging the tree. Of course, when planting your birch tree remember how big it will eventually grow. Make sure there are no power lines above, and don't plant too close to your home.

Soil Acidity

As with most trees, the health of a birch well depend on the acidity of the soil. Birch trees prefer a soil that is slightly acidic. If you need to adjust the acidity of your soil, make sure it ends up with a pH between 5.0 and 6.0. If your soil acidity is not even close to these numbers, don't bother trying to adjust the pH. it might be too hard to maintain the proper acidity throughout the life of the tree. For assistance, contact a professional like Carlos Tree Service Inc.