Four Tree Trimming Tips For Your Home

There are several reasons why you need to trim the trees in your yard, and one is for safety. If a branch is broken or is a hazard, it needs to be removed. A tree can also appear more attractive and enhance the look of your property with proper trimming. Trimming can also help a tree stay healthy and increase its lifespan. Smaller trimming jobs you can do yourself. The following four tips will help you with these smaller jobs.  

Prune your tree at the proper time

Every tree has a dormant season, and this is the ideal time to prune. It is at this time that a tree grows the slowest, and decaying or diseased branches are apparent. Unless there is a safety issue, do not prune in the fall. Fungi are spread easily at this time. Wait for the fall or winter time to prune your tree.

Do not prune too much

You should never trim more than a third of the tree during the entire year. Start with branches that are a hazard to people and property, and then prune branches that are dead or deceased. The last step is to reduce the size of the tree to make it more appealing.

Make the proper cuts

Make the cut near a bud and do so at an angle. Do not apply any type of coating to the surface of the cut. The tree does not require anything after pruning is done.  

Use the right tools

You can use pruning shears for the thin, lower branches. Thicker branches can be removed with a hand saw. However, if you believe you need to use a ladder to saw a branch, it is best to call a professional. Never stand on a ladder while trimming a tree. It is too dangerous. If the higher branches are thin enough, you can remove them by using a pole pruner or a pole saw, but you should never leave the ground when trimming your tree.

Regardless of the type of tree you have, it needs to be trimmed periodically. The tree trimming tips above are helpful for smaller trees. If you have taller trees, you will need to contact a professional tree care service. They have better equipment than a typical property owner has, and they have the skill to do the job safely. In addition, they will remove all of the debris after the job is finished.